A Guinea Way to Die



Well I do love my “guinea guinea” but he killed his last chick today. When he gets excited he just grabs at the closest thing near him. In his defense he didnt use to be this way. Maybe not having a female around made him crazy but anyways he has been dispatched.

I already had this discussion with hubby on if he did it again. We don’t appreciate needless killing here on our farm. Anyway, I remember reading about how guinea fowl is a delicasy in other countries and tastes a lot like pheasant. So we butchered him and he is currently in the oven.

I found a recipe for Guinea with Couscous. You soak couscous then add a little salt, chopped onion, raisins, cinnamon, cumin and a little oil. Then you stuff guinea with couscous mixture. Any other couscous leftover you set aside to cook in foil covered dish in oven.

Then rub guinea with oil and sprinkle with paprika. There is also a sauce you make with the drippings, tomato puree and honey but I think I won’t make the sauce this time.

Well dinner is over and it was great. I can’t believe he wasn’t tougher than he was since he was a few years old. And he does have a white meat breast. I read somewhere that they were all dark meat. Wrong.

Here are two pictures. One of the guinea before he was cooked. His skin is purple! He wasn’t purple after cooked though. The other picture is of the finished plate of white and dark meat plus couscous and green beans on the side. It was even enough to feed all five of us!

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