A Ducky Day


Its Friday! It’s been such a hectic week that it’s flown by. After I got back from picking up Daniel from preschool I went outside to check everyones water. Two ducks were in the water trough and one duck and two geese standing outside. I was filling the trough back to the top and playfully sprayed the mallard who was standing beside me. She stood straight up, puffed up her chest and flapped her wings enjoying the spray. It made me laugh.

As the water got deeper in the trough the little black banty duck started diving and swimming under water. My son Daniel asks me if he can bring the ducks and geese a treat. I say yeah bring them a little cereal. So he runs inside and brings out a bowl of cereal and milk with a spoon even!

I go inside since its just too hot. God where is the rain??? I find that Cali’s little black and white kitten has died. The other two are fine. You see yesterday I left my bedroom door open and my daughters dog got in there and “played” with the kittens. I guess he played too hard with this one. Poor baby. I’ll have to remember to shut door from now on.

Im not sure what I’ll do this weekend. I need to make a trip to my best friends to work in return favor for her coming here. But then there is the gas issue. I’d like to plant the corn but afraid to with no rain in sight. Maybe i just need more soaker hoses.

I am reading a book titled How to Survive the End of the World As We Know It by James Wesley Rawles. I really like it it gives you practical information than a bunch of fear. I do know one thing so many of the issues he brings up as to where and what to look for in a retreat does not pass with where we are now. Climate or location. Too many neighbors and not enough rain. It would be a good read for anyone.

Well its the heat of the day and I am watching the thermometer climb. I’m sure we will reach 90 F again today. I am going to rest in the cool of the house while the animals search for whatever shade they can find. And back to work come afternoon as the thermometer drops a little. Thats the best way to do it.

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