Pig Gone Rabbit Back

WHAT A DAY! So today I had to rent a car to take my son to his specialist doctor appointment in Ft Worth. We found with gas prices it was cheaper to rent a tiny car for a long trip instead of drive the farm truck. Who knew?

While I was headed back home I got a text from my daughter saying the girls who had been bullying her found out I was out of town and planned on jumping her when she got off the bus. After some calls to the school we headed off an attack today but I doubt these girls will give up easily.

Also this afternoon as we were untangling the waterhose my daughter screamed “Cookie!” And there she was just a few feet from my daughter! She just reached down grabbed her up and put her back in her cage.

She does seem a little skinnier, probably from a lot of activity. I don’t think she had her babies yet and I will be really suprised if she even does. I will give her a few days to recover and then rebreed her.

I also called the sheriff’s office and left a message for the officer that came out. He called back and I told him shes back. He thinks whoever took her saw him here and got spooked and brought her back. I don’t know what happened but I do know she didn’t just wander her way back home. Rabbits just aren’t that smart.

This evening my father in law came out to pick up the pig to take to the butcher. I don’t know if you remember me writing about the horrible experience we had when we tried to load her before. Well my father in law puts some corn in the trailer and she just walks right in! You see we found the secret is don’t feed her the day before just give her water. So that is why she just walked up the ramp into the trailer.

We all said our goodbyes to her and suprisingly none of the kids cried. I asked one of my sons are they okay. They answered “Yes, I love ham.”

Last topic of the evening I ask for prayer. I have no idea where this months house payment or light bill will come from. My husband is finishing his schooling and so much was taken out of the account and not enough left to pay either. I have no idea what we will do but I tell you this for three reasons. One is to ask for prayer. Another is that when this is resolved so you may see the power of God’s provision. And finally I agreed to tell you the good and bad of our homesteading journey. I may chicken out later and delete this. It’s embarrasing but I seriously do believe in the power of prayer.

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