A Blessed Day

My body is screaming at me. I had to take some pain meds when I got home. I’m still not recovered from this past weekends planting. But enough griping let me tell you about my blessed day!

I picked up Daniel from half day preschool as usual and headed over to work at my booth. I have to take out all the winter clothes and add spring and summer clothes. I first brought in the five tubs of summer clothes and brought out four boxes of winter clothes to the truck. The last two were thankly carried by a sweet young man since he saw how hard of a time I was having carrying them.

Then an old man that does work at the flea market stopped me and told me that my tire was low. “Yes, I know just can’t afford to fix right now.” I told him I carried an air pump to fill it everytime. I started to air it up and he waved me over. I went to him and he said “Here fix your tire dear” and he handed me a twenty. I refused of course but he ordered me to take it and told me which shop to go to. I started to cry and he said “Stop that, none of that now”. He told me to go to Discount Tire. So I finished airing up the tire and yeah I did cry a little.

He then waved me back over and gave me another twenty saying ” This is for not crying” “But I did cry.” I say. He said take it anyway. So of course I’m balling by then. I thank him and went to the shop he told me to go to.

They fixed my tire quickly and then when done I went to the counter and the guy says “No charge” Color me shocked. “I said but I can pay” He said “No its no charge, Ma’am. So I walked out of the shop just shaken. I sat in my truck a sec and composed myself some and then completed my errands.

Then I get a text message from my friend Robin. She said I can use her dad’s tomato cages as long as I like in exchange for some produce when its ready. Wow! So I am headed out there later to pick them up. Wow God is good!

And even when I arrived home to find half of my tomatoes dead on the ground, I still thanked God for loving me and sending two angels to brighten my day. HE will send you what you need right on time. HE loves those who love them and I thank Him for loving me.

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Robin Ritchie on April 6, 2011 at 6:57 pm

    Keep your chin up, your eyes on the prize and never under estimate your fellow man! ;~} I cannot wait for some freah veggies!! Love ya!~rr~


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