Monday April 4

Honestly, I slept a lot today. I am so worn out over the weekends activities. I also now have a cold sore and feel a little quezzy. I blame it on the allergies and a little drainage.

I awoke in the middle of the night to hear lightening and thunder. I was so excited to hear the rain hit our window pane. We are in the midst of a drought so any rain is a blessing. I quickly pulled up the radar to see it just skimming beside us. Ugh. We ended up gettingĀ  .30 inches of rain.

It is barely even noticeable it rained. I have the sprinkler on now so I can soften the ground where I want to plant the okra. I found my soaker hoses so eventually gonna dig those out to see if they still work.

I also ordered my fertilizer from Gardens Alive. I ordered some Sweet Corn Alive (I also use this on my tomatoes) and Vegetables Alive. I also ordered from the crane melon seeds I have been drooling over and a pound of Improved Golden Bantam Corn. Hopefully by this weekend the corn will be planted and I’ll be done planting except for the pumpkin. I still have to calculate 100 days before Halloween to plant them.

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