Busy Weekend… again.





Friday night we met with a man who would like to volunteer occasionally to help in the garden. He is a real sweet guy and already helps with another organic garden so hoping he is able to help as much as he likes.

Saturday about noon my best friend came over. We went to town to pick up my plant order. I had ordered 50 celebrity, 50 roma and 10 early girl since I already had the 10 on the back porch. He was able to fill the other two varieties but was only able to find 20 romas. Thats fine. So I grabbed two mortgage lifter tomatos and some type of golden tomato to try for the heck of it. And then at the end of the row I see a flat of Bloody Butcher tomatos. Now if you are a regular reader you will know I looked everywhere for this heirloom tomato seed and was unable to find it. It was all sold out. So I see these plants and flipped out. Yeah I embarrassed myself. I was do happy to find such a rare heirloom available in our area. So I grabbed enough to finish filling the small box I was carrying around.

I also grabbed two california wonder bell pepper plants and two four packs of sweet banana peppers. They were out of the TAMU jalepenos. You see I love these cause not only were they developed in Texas they are a mild jalepeno. Great for pickling and stuffing.

As we are packing the flats in my friends car I see a flat of cauliflower. I asked her about it. You see she started working at a plant nursery after I ordered these plants from someone else. These plants are past their time to plant but still very much alive and each plant has a cauliflower head on them. They were going to throw away but she rescued them. So she got them for free. I planted them at the end of the lettuce row. Even if they don’t make it they are very ornamental looking and would make a great trap crop to steer bugs away from other plants that are in season.

Well we got home from town and soon after my new friend Deborah and her beautiful family came over. I put an add on Stephenvilletrading and erathcountyfreesharing (both yahoo groups) about wanting to trade someone use of a garden plot in my garden in trade fir helping me with mine. I so need the help especially with Scott going to be gone even more.

I gave her a plot in the back left corner that she ought to have good success with. She planted some cucumbers, tomatos, peppers and some other veggies. They are from Ohio and have only been here since Oct so they are looking forward to learning how to Texas garden.

Saturday night my best friend stayed the night. Oh forgot to mention the boys (including hubby) went to have a boys weekend and stayed at their grandmothers house. Hubby is helping his dad build a stock trailer for us both to share. And the boys are having a blast spending time with their grandparents. We took advantage of their absence and got a lot done.

Also Sat night my friend Jolynn and Charlie came by. He is one of rare few that I swear can fix anything! I had him fiddle with my turn x incubator and he fixed it!!!! So the turkey eggs are now incubating! I check them a million times a day to make sure the temp is just right.

Sunday morning we awoke early starting on the house. I’d do a little outside then work outside doing a little more planting. Go inside rest. Then clean house more, then back outside again. We all did this until another friend called asking to come out for a quick visit. It was nice to have the distraction. After they left I headed back out and finished up planting the rest of the plants.

This evening after I recovered I planted the watermelon, cantaloupe, green beans, wax beans and honeydew. I’ll plant the okra tomorrow. I’m exhausted.

Going to order my corn seed tomorrow before they sell out and also my fertilzer from Gardens Alive.

Here are some pictures I took today of the beet plants, the cauliflower plants and my four rows of tomatos.

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  1. Posted by Sadie on April 4, 2011 at 7:32 am

    we put garden netting over our raised bed to keep cats from using it as a litter pan. yesterday Scott went out to ck on veggies and there was a gopher snake stuck in the netting, thinking it was dead he went to get it out & it tried to bite him he finally got the snake untangled from the netting and it quickly ran back to it hiding spot


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