Dueling Turkeys

So last night I opened the back door just in time to hear Ranger our tom turkey gobble and then what I thought was an echo to my left. I stopped and listened and this time the noise came from the left first! It’s breeding season ya know. A gobbler is out hiding in the pasture to the side of our house and he sounds so close.

I run to get the kids and my hubby and they hear it too. And of course my oldest son and hubby do what any man would do. Yep you guessed it gobbled back at the stranger.

So this morning I get kids off on the bus and I think I am going to get a nap since I didnt sleep well. No! The stranger is back calling loudly to Ranger challanging him. And Ranger boldly answers every call with his own. Its like dueling banjos but not quite as nice after a while.

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