Garden news March 30

I only had about four pea plants come up. Not sure why. My collards, beets, carrots, chard and lettuce have come up but spotty. I think I really need to improve my soil. My spinach didnt come up at all. I am going to order some organic fert from garden alive when we get paid in a few days. Hopefully I can save them in time.

We finally got some rain. Less than half an inch but it counts! I thinned out the beets that did come up and fed to the rabbit who hopefully will give birth on the 8th. The onions are thriving. I did a little weeding and hopefully can keep on top of it.

I think I will replant the spinach. I also will plant cucumbers on the fence the peas were suppossed to come up on. I think I’ll also fill in the collards, lettuce and beets where they didnt come up.

All of my bean seeds are bush beans so will have to wait to plant until the tractor guy comes to finish his job. I think he might come tomorrow. Also my tomato plants are suppossed to be ready this weekend. When Ill plant them I’m not sure.

And then still got to order the rest of my summer seeds. I need to multiply myself or something!

Im adding this news later on this evening. I got great news. I have a man that heard about us from a friend of mine that wants to come volunteer in the garden. Hi Jacob! He is suppossed to come meet us within the next couple days. And a lady answered my add about doing a trade for a small plot for her to garden in for trade of helping me keep up with the weeding and waterering. She is from Ohio and wants to learn how to garden in these parts. How exciting! I hope it all works out. The more the merrier and also holds me accountable on the days I dont want to get out and weed.

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