Post Weekend Update




Saturday morning Scott took Krissy’s body to the rendering plant. They let us drop her off for free thank God. Because we were broke and because no rain for so long the ground is hard as a rock.

The plan was to head out to my best friends house to help her with some chores for the weekend but we got a late start. We had to feed and water everyone before we left. I found three more dead chicks in the little pen so I started grabbing every fully feathered chick and threw them in the big chicken pen. I was hoping with less crowding they would quit the cannibalism.

So at noon the kids and I started down the road to my friends. Scott was suppossed to be following about ten minutes behind but the tractor guy called and said he could come out this weekend instead of next. So Scott had to stick around.

The tractor guy came and disked up the other side of the garden that was too hard for Scott to use a regular tiller. My hubby followed behind the tractor grabbing and throwing rocks the tractor dug up. After they were done they agreed it still needed breaking up some more before planting so sometime soon he is to be back to roto-till it with the tractor.

After all this was done hubby finally made it to friends house about 5pm. We helped her clean a few rooms. I then painted a few rooms while Scott fixed the plumbing and did a little cleaning too.

We also made a trade that she is suppossed to come to my house and help me with things. I told her the biggest project I got coming up I am dreading is planting the corn. Its such a large area to plant and it just hurts my back since we have to do it by hand. Its great to have good friends!

We both stayed the night Sat night and Scott headed back at about 5pm Sunday. He got back home to find ALL the chickens out. He forgot to latch the gate to the pen and the goats got to whatever feed the chickens didnt eat. Ugh. He rounded everyone back up and then did evening chores.

It was a long weekend but we had a lot of fun and a lot got accomplished. Next weekends plan is to go to Scotts parents house and help them build a stock trailer that we can use. I also plan on heading to friends again to help her paint the kids room.

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