We Lost Krissy

Its a sad day. We found Krissy our standard Toggenburg goat dead this morning. We did everything we could possibly do and she put in one heck of a fight. She just wasn’t meant to make it.

Also forgot to mention yesterday we gave away our smaller chicken house. We will build another matching one to the one we have now later. My friend I gave it to also brought me two barred rock rooster chicks. We will raise them up and butcher with any extra roosters we have.

Also, I found three dead chicks yesterday. One drown in its waterer probably because someone was standing on its head. The other two were picked at to death. Sometimes chickens can be cannibalistic. So I moved all of the delaware chicks to the big chicken pen.

I chose to move the delawares because they were the biggest and most aggresive of the chicks. Hopefully with more elbow room the remaining chicks will not continue to pick on one another.

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