Goats and Poodle Skirts


Krissy our standard Toggenburg doe has been having a real hard time healthwise. First she battled boughts of bottlejaw, which is a severe infestation of worms. Then she got ketosis after Friedrich was born. Now we don’t know whats wrong with her. Another call to the vet and he says its milk fever but her bag is empty! She isn’t even in milk anymore. Sigh. It’s like I have been told that the vets really don’t care about goats.

I asked my friend Suzy her opinion and she says at this point she is either gonna make it or not. She says to keep giving her clear karo syrup and maybe try twice a day instead. We gave her the last of the B12 paste this morning and will give her karo this evening.

I also got a sewing job making a poodle skirt for a lady. I really am trying anyway to help support the family even if its small sewing jobs here or there.

The forcast is rain for monday I last saw 30%. Oh God please send rain. It’s so dry and the pasture and garden need it so bad.

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