Monday March 21

Today is a brand new day. cried a lot last night feeling sorry for ourselves. Today I am going to start the day with positivity and do the things I can do. Like laundry. Or go through the cabinets and invent stuff I can make for dinner rather than what I can’t.

I got up late so running behind getting stuff done.

Its now 1:20 and I am still not caught up after waking up late. Its already been an eventful day. When I got home from picking up Daniel I went out into the pasture to check on everyone. Trey our buck had been loose for a few days so when the opportunity presented itself I grabbed him. He jumped and fought violently. It ended up the only thing I could keep grabbed unto is his ears. So me and my worthy adversary battled till we got to his pen. Both of us were exhausted. I then straddled him while he was taking a breather and quickly opened the gate to his pen and shoved him in. Whew! I felt like I was gonna pass out.

I then went and sat in the chair I keep in the pasture. After catching my breath I went and got a 16 ft cattle panel and two smaller panels and tacked them up to the fence full of holes in the fence in his pen. Praying he doesnt find another way out. As I am leaving the pen I accidentally slammed my hand in between the gate and the pole. The skin on the side of my hand was stuck. I pulled it out. Ouch. It looks a little bruised but amazingly isn’t worse.

The whole time the pig was screaming thinking its feeding time. I realized she had dumped her water again so a very breathless me just stuck the waterhose through the fence in her pen and let it run. Yeah I know kinda lazy way to do it I was exhausted and in pain. She drank from the water hose hanging from the side of her pen and the extra water gave her some mud to play in. My husband would kill me for doing it that way but. Oh well.

We ran out of chick starter ysterday and cant afford to get more. So i soaked quick oats, with scratch, lay ration, and a little sweet feed in some goats milk in a bucket and fed it to the ducks, geese and chicks. And wow did they love it!

The rest of today was quite uneventful. I made another dress a size 2 this time. I also might have an order to make a poodle skirt and some curtains. I am thankful for any work I can do. Anything to feel like I am accomplishing something, helping in some way.

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