Tuesday March 15, 2011

We are getting ready to head to a friends house with some of our baby goats to have their horns buds burned off. Yes it does hurt them but just for a quick second. We have to burn their horns for two reasons. First is safety. I have heard too many horror stories of an udder being punctured by another goat with horns or even loosing an eye. Also safety for us since all of us have had close calls with horned goats. Second reason is value and conformation. Horned goats cannot be shown and have lower value because others dont want the liabilty of having them horned. So Madalyn is out catching them up now.

We are back now. No pictures since my phone went dead. All the babies did fine. I think they yelled more at being held for their vaccinations than being dehorned. My friends dad had a wooden box you put the baby in with their head sticking out. It was great. I so want one! I might have to look up a pattern and make one.

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