Tuesday March 8, 2011

My hubby is home from work this week. Its spring  break for his school district. Yesterday we didn’t get much accomplished so today we plan on getting some things done. Lets see how much we accomplish. I also have my camera charged up and going to take more pictures so you can see how a few of our projects have turned out and how much the babies are growing.

Chicks in the Chick-n-Barn


Inside view of chick barn. Oops we are out of water already!

Back of barn (the lawn chairs you see in the back is what I sit in when I let the baby goats out to run around)

Side view of nest access holes also door "roof" opens above for access. I have it latched down so goats don't get in.

Another view of same side of barn. Also notice I had to"jack up" the barn a little since the accidentally sent me the wrong size pen. Also notice latch to the barn and pen so it cannot be detached easily

This the front of the Premium Chick-n-Pen. Notice door on front. Also top is hinged to open too. Front door of barn is open. We are still using "winter doors" on the barn but later will use the screened "summer doors"

This is the other side of the pen. Notice another door on side. Also top is hindged to open here too but is blocked from opening by top overhang. Also this side of barn does not have the nest access holes BUT does also have the roof open up.


I SEEEEE YOUUU! (Fauna) I was trying to take pictures to update my animal census. After too many pictures like this I gave up until I had help to hold them

Picture of Friedrich two nights before he died. We still don't know what attacked him. We are thinking a dog or an owl tried to carry him off. My favorite picture of him wrapped up in my lap.

Spring Garden is Planted! Cylindra beets, three kinds of onions, spinach, carrots and peas


One response to this post.

  1. I really like your coop and run.
    can you post a few more detailed pictures on how you access nest boxes and how you access your coop for cleaning?

    Happy gardening


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