“New” Rabbit Hutch



We picked up this rabbit hutch from a friend for only $10! It even has the nest boxes attached in the back. I think I might paint the outside though. Still not quite sure how to disinfect it though. Any ideas? Or do I need to since its been empty for a while?

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  1. Now thats a good investment, a new hutch!
    Take care with what you choose to paint your hutch with! Rabbits can and will chew on any exposure wood they can reach;. Some paint and sealers can be harmful or deadly to your rabbit ‘herd’, or is that a flock 🙂

    I constructed my hutch out of steel, but thats simply because in my previous life I was a welder.

    Happy gardening.


  2. Posted by Sadie on March 8, 2011 at 5:38 pm

    great buy! rabbit population about to explode?
    sure you know what kind of paint you are using…


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