A New Start

I call this post a new start because of all the bad luck we had with kidding season this year. Also yesterday I found Friedrich dead. Something had carted him off. Not sure what it was. I was very attached to him so it was a hard evening last night but today I am going to dwell not on the past but on what I am thankful for what God has provided and what is going well with our homesteading program.

In our garden we have planted lots of onions and cylindra beets. I also started to plant the spinach. My back was bothering me so I might go out again today and plant some more. I also have planted the potatoes in the old water trough.  I will plant the peas, swiss chard and the mangle beets soon too.

Our chicks are doing well. I have moved them out to the chick n pen & barn. We close them up at night so they will be safe and warm. I also improved upon the pen  by staking in down and safety clasping it to the actual barn. I also wired down the top. I also safely latched the side roof doors on the barn. They are three weeks old now. The geese are almost a foot tall now! The ducks a little bigger. My turkeys have been calling and dancing but no spotted breeding and definately no eggs yet.

The goats are doing well. All the remaining babies are thriving. Flora and Fauna are growing up so fast! They are even eating some grain.  I let them out of their playpen about once a day sometimes more. We have to supervise them since they still are young and don’t have a mama close by to call them away from trouble.

The rabbits are doing well and I planned on breeding them this weekend BUT Twix got out of her cage and is running around. I tried catching her by throwing a towel over her but no such luck. We are going to try a net this weekend.

I also purchased one of those “traveling” sprinklers for the garden and I can’t get it to work right. I am going to buy a cheapo one today just to get the garden watered and get Scott to fiddle with the other one later.

The pig is still here. She got out two more times  this week. Thanks to the neighbors we caught her up. I couldn’t have done that alone. I really am ready to see her go. I have chasing that pig more times than I like.

With all this said things overall really are going well. God is blessing us and I thank Him for seeing us through. We may fall into bed exhausted everynight but he sees that we get the job done.

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  1. nice to know you have so many animals, wish i could see them


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