Sunday Morning

We woke up late so Scott and the boys went on to church and Madalyn and I stayed behind to bottle feed and feed everyone else. Butters died last night. I kinda knew he was going by the way he was yelling for me. I prayed to God please just let him go if he is going to go. And within  the hour he was gone. He lived a week and two days ago I really thought he was going to make it. He was even sitting up on his own. But it wasn’t meant to be. I am really anxious for the bottles to get warmed so I can head out to the barn to check how Friedrich is doing.

It’s evening now. We planted all the cylindra beets. I also planted 3 more bunches of onions and the seed potatoes in the water trough. Scott tilled up enough of the garden that I can get my early spring garden planted. I am debating planting the peas, spinach, mangel beets and carrots until I see how frost tolerant they are. I am a afraid that another hard freeze will throw me off.

Also when Scott was washing off the tiller, the pig got out and ran past him. He jumped in the truck and chased the pig with the truck back down the road to the house. A few neighbors helped get her back in her pen. So embarrasing. Not sure whats worse, the pig running down the middle of the road or Scott doing wild driving in his truck herding the pig back home.

The day is not done either. Still have to do evening chores and cook dinner.

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