Saturday Feb 26, 2011

Today was a busy day. We hired a neighbor kid for $10 to shovel out the composted bedding from the pig pen. Hubby and put together the Chick -n-pen and the Chick-n-barn sadly to find out the company sent us the “premium chick-n-pen by mistake and it doesn’t fit the barn we have. Sigh. So I will call the company on Monday to see what they will do. Hubby then tilled till dark in  the garden and I planted the onions. I have more room to plant more so I will grab more onion starts tomorrow. I got some housework done but not much. I got a little sun today too.

Flora and Fauna are growing so fast! I need to find a horn burner to burn Flora’s horn buds off. Fauna’s were already done. Friedrich seemed real weak today, getting a little worried about him. Butters (the remaining twin) I am afraid won’t make it through the night. He seems worse than he did yesterday. Here are some pics of us trying to build the pen and barn with the “help” of  Flora and Fauna.

Bubble Wrap!

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