Sad news

8:40am One of the twins didn’t make it through the night. I know I did everything I could do. I am not sure the other will make it but still going to try. I feel a little let down and of course wondering if I could have done anything different but I know I couldn’t. Now just need to put my efforts into the other twin and go check on Friedrich in a but to see how he made it through the first allnighter out with his mom. I’ve been on the phone so much this morning that the bottles are just down warming up in the hot water.

Busy day today. Scott was gone overnight so I have to feed this morning too. Then pick up my son from preschool, go grocery shopping and run errands. I need some caffeine.

9:37 am just came in from outside. Had a scary moment Bluebonnet was yelling for her baby. I was scared he was dead somewhere. But turns out she just forgot where she set the baby at and the baby just couldn’t hear her calling. I have also decided to take the last of the twins out to the barn with his mom. I am not sure what else I can do for him and he can kinda half sit up now and eating well. Hopefully his mom being around can make him fight a little harder. This decision could backfire on me but at this point I am doing all I can. Baby is fed, its warm in the barn so going to try it. I will say when I come back from town the barn will be the first place I will check. So suspenseful!

10:00am You are not gonna believe this! So I take the remaining twin outside to see Lisil and who do I see nursing on her? Bluebonnets baby! Overnight Lisil stole Bluebonnets baby. Poor girl. And she rejected the remaining twin. So as I told the little guy on the way back to the house. You are my baby now. Just hope with me getting attached to the little guy he makes it. Dare I even name him?

3:30 pm I ran a bunch of errands, and went grocery shopping. I am so sore from all of todays events and the day isn’t over yet. I think I will name the little one Butters instead of calling him “the remaining twin”. Butters cried for me while I was laying down with my son so I heated his bottle and he had about 1 1/2 ounces. He is shivering even with the space heater on near him. I am going to change his towels in his tub and get the heat lamp. I also am going to try to feed him more often if he will take it. He can sit up briefly but tries so hard to stand and then falls on his side. God help this little one cause I want so bad for him to make it

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