Monday Morning

We brought Friedrich in last night and he slept in a plastic laundry basket lined with a towel. We bottle fed him at 2am and again at 7am. He is getting stronger.

9am Fed the other two babies. Going to have to time it better so all are getting fed at same times. Hubby is home since his school had a holiday today. He is headed out the door to pick up the tiller we rented. Hopefully will get garden tilled and maybe planted today. But I will settle for tilled.

2pm fed all babies but they we not very hungry. Well the first tiller didn’t work out so with rented replacement he was able to get a little done

5:00pm Lisil had twin bucks and Bluebonnet had one buck kid. Lisils two got chilled so we took them in the house to warm them

5:30 pm workers arrived with our new dishwasher to install it. They cut the water off before I could prepare bottles

7:00 pm finally able to prepare bottles. Also brought Krissy’s weak buckling in for one more night since its going to be down to 37 degrees tonight. Scott went out to milk out Lisil to get the colostrum. Looks like we are in for a long night of bottle feeding.

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