Up & Down Day

Well today started off with us planning to go to church. Scott went out to fix the “playpen” and looked into the hutch to see Krissy had had her baby but instead of finishing cleaning it off she cleaned it off the front part of the body and just left the rest on. Then she just laid down next to it. It got very chilled and almost died. We brought it inside to warm it.



We warmed him up. He started to flail around and tried to lift his head a  little. We had to run out of town  to see some other goats so we left my daughter in charge of finishing warming the baby. (will post more about those goats in another post) We got a call while on the way home that Krissy the mother had fallen over and had a seizure like occurence. We first called our friend Suzy then our vet. Suzy didn’t answer so we got ahold of the vet on call. He said he didn’t know why she had the seizure like occurence but the “bottle jaw” she developed again (it showed back up on her while we were gone) means that the wormer we gave her two days ago didn’t kill them all. He suggested we give her two more ccs of the ivermectin tonight and then tomorrow go to the vets office and get a different type of wormer to use tomorrow. Suzy then called me back and immediately identified the “seizure thing” it is ketosis! Ketosis is kinda like low blood sugar and can kill them quickly if untreated. She told us to go get clear Karo syrup and give her a large dose of it tonight and in morning. I hope we are able to save her. We then took the baby outside to try to nurse to get some colostrum. The baby was able to get a little if we held its jaw there but was not strong enough to grab on its own. I’ll update later on any changes for mom or baby. As of 8:19pm we decided to bring baby in to watch him close overnight. Looks like Mom isn’t going to produce enough to feed baby so we might end up bottle feeding him. Still going to try to get as much colostrum in him we can.

Krissy and Freidrich

Krissy & Friedrich (You can see her jaw is swollen from "bottle jaw"

While I was outside watching Freidrich with his mom, hoping he would nurse without us helping him, I spent some time with Flora and Fauna in the playpen.

This is the "playpen" we built for the bottle babies

Let us out! (Note the green ink still hasn't worn off their fur from tattooing their ears)

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