Lot’s of New Happenings!

Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days. So let me update you. Tueday we were suppossed to take the pig to the butcher but we tried everything and could not get her to load. So we rescheduled. As for the chicks they are doing great. And Ideal replaced all the lost ones like promised. And today a friend and I went to a feed store and picked up four ducks and two geese. One duck later died. I really hope the geese are a sexed pair. They are different sizes from one another and same age so a good chance.

Also tomorrow we go to get two of our new nubian goats. The first two which we will get tomorrow are bottle fed babies and two weeks old. We will have to travel a little bit further than McKinney to get them but they will be worth it. And on Sunday we will travel to Boyd, TX to buy two other yearlings. We won’t take them home that day since we will be having them bred. We will pick them up in a few weeks. Lots of preparations. I need to find out what size nipples and bottles they are used to. I also have to fix up a small pen area to our metal port-a-hutch so the babies will stay contained. So excited! I guess it was worth selling off so many of our herd afterall. I will post pics as soon as I get permission from their breeder since they legally own the photos right now.

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