New Digs

"New" Rabbit Cage

I bought a “new” rabbit cage this weekend. Right now it has 5 compartments but I think I am going to remove one particion and make it  3 or 4 compartments so I have room to add nest boxes later. I took this picture this morning but have now added tiles to each section to give them a place to rest from the wire and keep cool by spreading out on in on hot days. I also bought two 3 inch feeders and another water bottle. Still need to get one more waterer and one more feeder. Until then using tip resistant crocks or bowls for the water and food in the last ones compartment. I zip tied a tarp to it to provide shade and wind protection. I will soon hang the cage up from the rafters of the porch. Just not sure if Iwill move to the front porch or not. I hope to make improvements to the cage daily so it will become something I can be proud of.

The chicks are now 6 days old

The chicks are now six days old. We did loose nine over the weekend. Ideal was wonderful and will replace the dead ones. They know it was the weather that probably stressed them. Ideal is so awesome! Scott took the 29 chicks with him to his coworkers in Waco. I moved those to a travel cage this weekend. Now mine are ready for their bigger cage since I moved the rabbits out to their new cage. So the chicks were moved to a 3X3 cage. I moved the cage outside since freezing weather is over. Also a friend found some red lightbulbs in another town. YEAH! So they now will be toasty warm in their new digs.

The Chicks New Digs

I also added a cement paver and put the waterer on it so it will be raised out of the shavings. Hopefully the shavings will stay out. We will also be adding marbles to the water so hopefully they will not be able to drown in it.

We have so much room

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