Weekend Update Feb 13

The chicks are doing well. We did loose some I think because the traveled during the worst of this icy weather last week. Ideal has agreed to replace them and asked me to call them on Monday to give them a final count of what we lost over the weekend. Right now they are in my livingroom but it looks like it wont freeze the next couple nights so if we can find a stronger red bulb instead of this white one, we can set them outside. Wow if we only had a enclosed barn I could set brooder cages in. Oh and those who want Buff Orpingtons please order them asap. The hatcheries are already over sold and running out of the stock on them.

We sold 4 wether goats, and one doe (Mercy) this week. The same guy that came to pick up the goats is coming back on Monday for the two sheep we have for sale. Also we have sold Rosie (a Jenny) and they are coming to pick her up today. The pasture looks so empty. I hope to find two Nubians or Toggenburgs to add to our flock this spring.

Scott has mowed half our garden area and I will till and plant this week. I also will prepare the trough we will grow our potatoes in today or tomorrow.

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