My Chicks Are Here!

My Chicks are here!

My chicks are here!

I got the call at 5:30 am that they had just arrived but they asked me to come at 8am when the open. I guess they dont let people come to the backdoor before opening anymore. Anyway, I lost only 6 in shipment. I called Ideal and  they will be replacing those few next week! Although when I got back in from the barn I found two more dead. So I called Ideal back and told  them I might want to wait to put in the order until I knew how many I’d loose today. They were so weet told me to wait until Monday to call and give a final total  then. Oh and hurry up and order your Buff Orphs. They are already over sold and running low on stock for the rest of the year!

Snug as a chick in a warm brooder

There are double the amount I planned on having in the brooder. You see  two co workers of my husband asked to add their order in with ours. And since they got here a day later than we thought we will have to chick sit through the weekend. They are doing great though and not too over crowded. Doing great and doing that wonderful content mumbling peep I love. It’s like they are whispering or mumbling to one another.

A CHeep Hug

This is a picture I took when I first put them in their brooder. They were cold from the car ride so they snuggled together under the light. Now that they are warmed they are walking around and eating and drinking a little. I keep checking to make sure everyone is staying out of the water. No swimming drinking only needs to be the sign. I need to get some marbles to put in there to keep that from happening.

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