More Spring Garden Plans

After a recent comment from a reader suggesting another variety of slicing tomato to try, it got my mind a brewing on garden planning again. As you might have read she suggested that I try the variety Bloody Butcher instead of Celebrity. I did some more reading about it on and it sounds very promising. It does sound like something that gets a very leggy so I might try a hoop type support cattle panels instead of using tomato cages. If anyone has any suggestions as to how to support this up to 7 foot long plant let me know.

So refer to my last post about gardening just in case if this is your first time in reading so you know what I am referring to.  Okay lets first start with the aspragus. Still dont know if I will plant or not. With these ice storms we have had I haven’t got the garden tilled yet so adding a raised bed for the asparagus that needs to be planted now isn’t quite my top priority. Shame though cause I know I will regret it later if I do not plant now since you don’t harvest till a few years after you plant it.

As for corn I have chosen to grown Golden bantam. It is a short growing time only 60 days. I am told the sweetest open pollinated variety so looking forward to trying it this year. I think I will grown Spacemaster and Marketer this year. I tried National Pickling a few times and both times produced but not well for me. I like the idea of Spacemaster being smallvines and its still a heirloom. I haven’t heard of it before. As for Marketer it is simular to A&C it says so hopefully will do well here.

I haven’t had good luck with bell peppers. Although I keep trying California wonder so this year going to try Yolo  Wonder which is an heirloom but is suppossed to be a improved variety of California wonder. Gosh, all this talking about fresh veggies has me hungry. I’ll just have to wait. 🙂

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  1. When I moved to Southwest Oklahoma my first stop was at my local USDA extension office. I ask and received a lot of very helpful information on what garden plants and varieties grow and produce well in my neck of the woods.

    Next I ask local gardeners that I was in their gardens what did well for them and the results have been exciting. Things that produce well just a few miles out of my local area often are total failures in my garden. Cucumbers – the old straight 8’s, Tomato’s – Porter and Porter cherry do well, Corn – not here, to hot, to dry and I don’t care to feed a worm well hidden in a eat of corn. Grinning

    Happy gardening


    • I LOVE porters! They were developed right here in Erath county and made for our climate. They are so prolific though I only plant one. I should have mentioned them though. Thank you for reminding me. And yes, what can grow for me may not work on the other side of the county.


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