Here we go again (Round 2)

Well here we are in another ice storm. This one is suppossed to only last till afternoon Friday. They are already threatening to do rolling blackouts due to excessive energy usage again. My chicks ship today so should get here tomorrow morning or Friday morning. Really hoping for tomorrow so they will not be lethargic. No food or water one day is okay for newly hatched chicks. They have their yolk sack that gives them nutrition the first day anyway but two days or more in shipping is very stressful on the little guys. I just hope the power doesn’t go off when I am brooding the guys.

We are good on food and have a few bottles of the 1 lb propane bottles to run our heater buddy a while (maybe about 12 hours) if we do loose power. The goats are in their barn all toasty warm. I am frequently going to go check on them since the babies can now walk and yesterday kept escaping out of the barn by following anybody with legs. So they got misplaced a lot yesterday. It would be almost instantly disasterous if they do that again today. I have been praying for these guys so much. They are just so small since they were triplets.

I feel sick with a stomach bug today. Gonna take it easy as I can. Not looking forward to the frequent trips to  the barn to check on everyone.

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