Ready & Waiting for the Chicks

Brooder pen ready and waiting

I have the pen ready and waiting for the chicks to arrive early in the morning. Sugar water ready in  the waterer and I’ll fill the feeder as soon as I get the call. Last time I ordered chicks (like 3 years ago) I got the call from the PO at 6:30 am. I have been told some people get called as early as 3:30 am. I guess it just depends on how long the workers can handle hearing the loud chirping. Well its midnight. Headed to bed with my cell phone on the table beside me. So excited it feels like Christmas eve or something. Of course I will post pics as soon as I have them settled in.

Update: It’s 7:32 the next morning. I just called PO and they said they didn’t arrive on today’s truck so it will be tomorrow. (sigh) Oh well, I’ll dump the sugar water out and refill again tonight.

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