Change of plans…kinda


My goal all along with the chickens is to have them split up into breeding flocks so I always know that if I do incubate I am sure it wasn’t a hybrid. I really want to do chicken tractors so my chickens can stay protected and in their own flocks but always have fresh clean ground and good grazing. I built a PVC hoop house for them once. Took me a month to build and took the goats two days to totally destroy. I looked into buying the A frame chicken tractors but they were too expensive to only keep about 6 chickens in.

I am frustrated at the moment because spring is almost here and my husband works so much he honestly hasn’t had a chance to work on the greenhouse again, let alone extend out the chicken pen and build another chicken house. So an idea came to me as I was flipping through one of my many farm catalogs. The Chick-n-Barn caught my eye. They are in every catalog it seems with varying prices on the same item. I was looking through and saw it listed there cheaper than I seen other places. So just for the heck of it I called them up and asked them what the weight was and if it was possible to move it and the attached pen (sold separately) like a chicken tractor. She said its only 96lbs and yes lots of people install skids on the bottom and move it around easily like a chicken tractor. Hmm… So I asked whats the shipping. To my location it was only $5o something dollars. Wow a lot cheaper than I thought. Then she tells me if I order today they are running a special on everything 10% in the catalog I had. HMM? I told her I had to talk to the hubby before I ordered and took down her information to call her back.

Long story short. I called hubby told him I wanted to buy something from Farmtek but he couldn’t talk at the moment. So I what most wives do and ordered it anyway. ACK! I think he will be understanding when I explain  to him the cost involved of buying the plywood and framing lumber and this he doesn’t have to build. I can put it together myself I am sure. Yeah, I’ll update you later if he flipped out or not. But I really think not. Hopefully this will free up his honey do list a bit so he can concentrate on getting this greenhouse done asap.

It may sound weird but I feel more guilty about buying something rather than building it with recycled lumber like everything else we do. I am all for frugality but I figure its worth it since the price would be about what the supplies to build are right? Then why do I still feel so weird about buying something new. I do this often though. Why buy new if you can find something used and in great shape for a fraction of the cost. HEY! Just talked to hubby he is on board with this afterall. And he is not mad at me. Man, I love him!

So new plans are chicks arrive Thursday or Friday. Brood them in cage on front porch. (Yeah I mean the cage the rabbits are still in but don’t bring that up yet) In the meantime before the chicks outgrow that cage stick my few younger girls at a time in the new Chick-n-barn that will arrive next week to see who is laying or not. This will give me an idea of who to get rid of. (adopt or freezer camp) Then when babies are a little bigger put them in the Chick-n-barn with attached 16-gauge pen until they are a little older.

I will then finish partitioning the current chicken pen into two yards. The larger house and yard will then go to my turkeys, who should be laying within the month and the smaller house and yard can then go to my poults. I will then move what few older girls I am keeping to the chick-n-barn set up. Eventually I will have each breed in their own chicken tractors so I can incubate eggs with no worries of accidental hybrids. Sound good? I hope it works out.

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