Crazy Day

We finally had enough and headed to town to get our hair washed. And Murphy’s Law while we were gone the water came on. But 4 days without water is way too long! Also while we were gone we got a frantic call from our teenage daughter. Addie our Nubian Cross was bleeding down her leg  and she wasn’t due till later this month. Addie is 9 years old now which still is fine for breeding especially when bred with a mini alpine. But she miscarried. I called my friend Suzy and as soon as she got  the call she was in her car headed over  to check on her. Addie carries a special place in both our hearts. We arrived home soon after Suzy arrived. She checked Addie out and said she was fine. But we both agreed its probably time to retire her. So Addie will now be a full  time herd aunt.

Also earlier in the day we found the perfect couple to adopt out Liberty and Belle too. So they have been rehomed to an experienced family that used to raise goats and now raises miniature horses. So they will have their own little mini farm!

So now our water is on, its time to turn on the water heater again and get this cleaning party started!

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