Nala Had Triplets!

Nala our mini alpine had triplets. Two girls and one boy.

The biggest doeling

We had to bring the little weak boy inside and warm him up. Eventually he started to nurse the colostrum bottle and later started to stand.

Feeling better and warmer starting to stand

Guess who is feeling better?

At about 9pm we took him outside to see if he would nurse his mama and he did. But he got chilled again so we took him inside. At 9:55pm he stood up tried to climb out of his laundry basket, so we set him on the floor. He walked around and went straight to the bar stool looking for a teat. We got a good laugh out of that so out he goes to the barn again. We are going to leave him out there for an hour and check on him again. If he is staying warm and doing well then we will leave him but if he is in distress he will have to come back in again. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Also we named the babies. Going with their mom’s Disney theme the boy is Simba, the brown girl is Daisy and the black furred female is Jasmine.

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