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When I can’t sleep I read usually something to do with a homesteading topic I want to know more about or right my goals or plans in my trusty notebook. Tonight my mind is on warm thoughts since we have been stuck with all this ice the past few days. We live in planting Zone 7. So plants I list below are varieties and dates that work well for this area.

Asparagus-plant crowns after Feb. 1st. (Not sure if I will get around to starting an asparagus bed but now is the time to do it if I am.)

Green Beans- I LOVE Blue Lake Bush but Contender also does well. (Plant March 5- May1 for spring crop. Would also like to try a heirloom bean called Hutterite Soup. I might order it this year to see.

Beets: tried them for the first time the year before and they did quite well. This time I will try Cylindra. They can be planted Feb 1st – March 1st I’ll get them in the ground the same time I set my onions starts as soon as this ice clears.

Lima Beans: Henderson’s Bush plant April 15th. My experiment with them last year didn’t do well so I will try once again.

Broccoli: want to try Calabrese Green Sprouting. Feb 1st- March 1

Brussel Sprouts are not recommended for our area according to the books BUT I would like to try planting some plants if I can locate them at a nursery.

Cabbage: Haven’t grown before but would like to try Henderson’s Charleston Wakefield plant Feb 1- March 1

Cauliflower: I haven’t planted before but would like to try Snowball Self blanching. Feb 1- Mar 1

Carrots: Danvers Half long and St. Valery does great here. Jan 15- Mar 1

Corn: I haven’t settled on a variety this year but in the past have loved Bodacious. Would like to find a heirloom variety we would like May 1

Cowpeas: Purple Hull pink eye March 25- May 20

Cucumbers: Haven’t found a perfect variety for this area yet. plant March 5- May 1 Going to settle on a variety or two to try soon.

Cantaloupe: Hales Best 45 is awesome! May 15-May1

Onion: Granex yellow, red burgandy, 1015 Feb 1

Peas: Wando Bush Feb 1- March 1 I tried then last year with no success. I did plant late so will try again.

Hot Pepper: TAM Jalapeno is an awesome mild jalapeno March 15- May 1

Sweet Pepper: Emerald Giant, Banana. I haven’t had much luck with bell peppers here. I think they need so much water to be successful. I will try again till I find a variety that does well for our weird weather.

Spinach: I want to try Giant Noble Jan 1- Feb 15. Also not really a spinach but can use like one is Malabar spinach. I LOVE it. It is a great ornamental that can also be eaten fresh in salads or in stir fries. Plant in warmer months.

Squash: Yellow straightneck, Cocozelli Di Napoli, or Black Beauty March 5- May 1

Pumpkin: Gotta find a good place for this to ramble. Alantic Giant, Big Max, Connecticut Field (my fav!) Also going to try an heirloom called Choctaw sweet potato this  year.

Swiss Chard: Bright Lights Feb 1- march 10 Please plant this. It is a wonderful tasting plant. I can’t keep my oldest boy away from it when we have some big enough to harvest. We just cut the leaves instead of pulling up the whole plant. It is drought tolerant and cold tolerant. You can have all year. And very pretty too. I plant in my flower bed.

Tomato: I hate to say it but a hybrid variety is what does best here. Celebrity. I would like to try the heirlooms Big Month, Homestead, Riesentraube, and Roma Rio Grande March 10 at the earliest but definately after all frost. I plant in late April. Hopefully my green house is done by then so I can have the plants larger before then.

Watermelon: Black Diamond Yellow Belly March 15- May1 Would like to try the heirloom Ali Baba

Lettuce: Red Sail, Buttercrunch, Black Seeded Simpson Feb 1 – May 1. I usually plant later more like April.

Potato: Feb 15- March 1 Red la sota. We plant in a large water trough and then dump out when ready to harvest works well with good drain holes.

Garlic: I wish I have taken a start of Garlic when we moved from Huckabay. But I think I will plant an older European variety this fall.

Elderberry: I would like to plant once day but right now dont have a good place for it.

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  1. Hey, just reading your garden plans and saw that you couldn’t find a good heirloom tomato plant to grow well down here. I am in Gainesville Tx area and last year I found some Bloody Butcher heirloom toms that were unbelievable! I bout 18 plants and put them in the ground in early May. In 1 week I had 88 new tomatoes in all, then in two more weeks, I had 144 on these 18 plants! When I began harvesting, I was getting 17-20 pounds a day!I would definately reccomend this breed for texas!


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