Ice Storm Day 3

3:56 pm STILL no water. We have plenty of water for cooking, & drinking. We feel a little wasteful when we wash with bottled water but we have to. I swear when our water comes back on the first thing Iwill do is start the washing machine and take a shower. As a friend of mine said ” The crazy train is here!” We all are stir crazy. Kids can’t even go play in it. Kids can’t play with ice. But we are suppossed to get more freezing rain and snow tonight and tomorrow. I also just heard we are out of school again tomorrow. That means FOUR days with no school. That has got to be a record for here. AND even though we will briefly be above freezing this weekend again we will see more winter weather next week. Who said the Farmers Almanac called for a dry and mild winter here?!

9:00 pm Hubby went to work this morning in Waco. He made it back about 30 minutes ago. It took him two hours to get to our town. As soon as he made it to the city limit the car in front of him hit the brakes so he tried tapping his brakes but still he spun out. He didn’t hit anything thank God but scared him none the less. As he continued home he came across a man walking down the side of the frozen highway pulling a laundry basket. My softhearted husband picked the man up (knowing I wouldn’t agree) and brought the guy to his apartment. Thank God for it being a decent person that just had car trouble but I really hope he doesn’t make a habit of this. The guy said he was coming from Ft Worth and his car died. He had been walking for 2 hours.

Earlier this evening I warmed up some bottled water on the stove and gave the kids sponge baths. Just had to since we couldn’t stand not having our daily showers anymore. I guess our hair will have to wait. Hopefully our water will be back on tomorrow. I am so glad our electricity stayed on all day cause the internet was some of my only entertainment. I really want to bake but the added dishes it would create make me put it off a little longer. Had lunch of sandwinches again. And dinner of ramen noodles. I actually was craving noodles. Oh I can’t wait until my chickens start laying again because I so want to break out my pasta roller and make egg noodles.

I am so ready for water again so at least I can get my house and my clothes clean again.  Well hubby is about to hed out to feed, even if he did get home late, the animals still need feeding. I can hear the hog banging in her barn right now. 

(check back for more updates later today)

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