Ice Storm Day Two

View from my back porch

11:20 am  It got down to 7 degrees last night. This morning we awoke to find our well froze and no water. We have a community well and the guy that owns the well did not put a heat lamp in the well house! He is not a popular guy this morning. Luckily we had cases of one gallon water jugs of Ozarka in the shed. And they didn’t freeze suprisingly. So we had coffee this morning. YEAH!

My hubby had to stay home since roads were still frozen. But he was able to get to town. He said some of the roads have been sanded today but still was pretty rough going. He took our empty 5 gallon water bottles to be refilled and the water shop and got money out of the ATM just in case the propane guy is able to show up. Oh we also found a flat on one of our vehicles.

2:26pm Propane guy was able to make it to our house. YEAH! But he only gave us enough to get to 40% because he said there is a propane shortage and the tankers can’t get in to refill. He told us to make sure we don’t set the thermostat over 6o degrees so we won’t run out. So we set it at 63 and just wearing extra clothes. A little bit ago my daughter turned on the water and a little spit out so maybe the well lines are starting to thaw since the guy added a heater in the wellhouse. I hope so cause I hate to waste bottled water on washing dishes or flushing toilets. Things have been really good so far and the kids are holding up well.

6:30pm The well is shut off again. A line busted had made quite an ice rink. But we are prepared! We have about 50 gallons of bottled water on hand. Showers and washing clothes are gonna be kinda tricky but maybe tomorrow the water will get fixed. The kids are playing Candy Land currently. One boy is already nodding off so I might send them to bed early tonight. Might work on the quilt more tonight. Cutting out the little pieces takes time. We are making a rooster applique quilt with some fabric scraps I have. Here is a preview picture of a quilt block we are making minus the feet and  the tail feathers.Rooster quilt block minus tail feathers and feet

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