Ice Storm Feb. 1 2011

My Icy Kitchen Window

Well last night the storm blew in and temperatures started to drop. We brought the rabbit cage into the livingroom. And brought Scout inside later on since he is spoiled and is a sometime inside dog. Linus has a fancy insulated igloo doghouse and he flipped out when we brought him inside once last winter so he stays outside. The rest of the animals are bedded up in their barns or chicken houses.

Early this morning the “thunder sleet” came. By daylight we got a few inches. It came down hard and thick. At first my husband was told to come into work since it wasn’t going to be as bad down there in Waco. So reluctantly he started out down the icy road. Soon after he got a call that they were closing school. Thank GOD! So he turned around and came back home to his very relieved family. Snow started this early afternoon and covered the sleety mess.

I called the propane company to make sure they are still coming tomorrow since we are almost out of propane 13%. They said they can’t even get their trucks out so it’s possible they won’t get out until Friday! But she said they’ll call me if they are able. So Scott braved the elements and headed to Walmart to get more 1lb propane bottles for our Mr. Heater Buddy heater just in case we run out. He was only able to grab four 2 packs of the propane. Ack! Things like that are running out in town.

 Hopefully our pipes don’t freeze or we loose power. It’s only 15 degrees now with a 4 degrees windchill. And the wind is stout. Tonight the windchill will be below zero. Praying about the animals and hoping they all make it through these next couple days of below freezing. I looked out the back door to see our Great Pyrennes dog Linus laying out in the snow. Crazy dog. He has an insulated dog house and that is where he decides to sleep.

My daughter and I have talked about starting a scrap quilt. I am thinking a rooster applique. She is not too keen on the idea but she is bored without a book so I think she might help. Anything to keep occupied. Oh yeah lost the Tv signal on antenna but we still have internet!

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