Rabbits for Food & Profit

Since I haven’t had rabbits in a few years I pulled out my old book and started freshening up on my rabbit care and facts. My go to book on rabbits is Rabbits for Food and Profit edited by Lee Schwartz  A Farmer’s Digest Publication. I have used mine so much it is falling apart. Here are some rabbit facts you might not know about.

Three does and one buck can produce more meat in a year than a beef cow and can supply the protein requirements for a family of four for a year.

Rabbit has 20.8 protein, 10.2 fat, 27.9 moisture, and 795 calories per pound

Rabbit Math:

If one doe raised a litter of eight five times a year, she will produce 40 offspring. At four pounds at maturity that’s 160 lbs. Three does could produce 480 pounds of meat. By comparison, the average beef cow weans a 450 calf each year.

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