Goats Talk NAahhhh!

Some decisions have been made with the goats. We have 6 wethers and one wether lamb. We were going to butcher Boo Boo, a boar cross, and Boy Howdy a wether lamb but instead we have decided to take everyone to the sale. Yes, that will be less meat in our freezer and I am pouting a little about that.  But I am told it will be better for us to cut our losses with grain and hay prices up the way they are and just get rid of them instead of continuing pouring grain to them. So they will go as soon as we find a trailer to borrow or we might have to take half one Tuesday and then the other half the other Tuesday. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Also, are going to change their ration. Usually, once we know they are bred we buy a ration from Red Chain Feed that is called Goat milking ration. It is a wonderful mix and I highly recommend it but the long drive is a drawback with gas prices the way they are this winter. So instead we will be trying a ration our friend Suzie is trying. Its a mixture of Chaf Hay (which is a fermented type hay), sweet feed and rolled oats. Once they are in milk we will add cottonseed. We can get this ingredients locally compared to the long drive to Gorman to get a pallet of grain.

My breeding plan still is Trey will be buck to breed our stock. I want to eventually go to all Toggenburgs or Nubians. I will retire out Addie and Shortcake in the next few years and let them live out their time as free as they please. Those two have forever homes here. Addie is now 9.  Her mother lived till 14 so her retirement should be soon. I love my Addie girl and Shortcake!

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