Slim Pickins’

Wasn’t gonna post this but here goes part of the “ugly truth” I promised to share in the good, bad and the ugly of homesteading. We get paid Tuesday and our feed for the goats will run out before then if we don’t figure something out. We made a BIG mistake by deciding to pen the wethers up now and up their feed when money was tight anyway. So the feed barrels look drastically different than if I left the wethers out in the pasture with the others. Whoops! Big whoops. Our budget is tight anyway but since we spent so much extra on hubby’s school expenses (He is going to school on top of teaching school) this month we had no play room. So here I am trying to find something to sell to come up with feed for two days.

I feel just stupid since I am the only one to blame at the timing of everything. I wanted to “beef up” the wethers so they could be butchered or sold and instead messed things up. I know it isn’t as big as a deal as it seems to some. So what if they only have pasture for two days and no grain. But when those does are pregnant it does matter. I called my “goat mentor” and told her what I did. ” She said I should have known better”  Yeah I know. She did tell me the girls oughta go okay for those two days. Just lesson learned.

Everybody else is okay. More than enough food for the poultry and the two rabbits. Oh, did I not mention that we got two Californian rabbits. They are a beautiful pair of does! They are currently in the cage I wanted to be for my chicks. Thank God I had a cage ready for them though. I am going to pick up a larger rabbit cage with six compartments for them from a friend in trade for taking a few of her bucks to the auction with our wethers.

I know I’ll figure something out. I’ll post back later what we worked out. I am only posting this so you will avoid my mistake in the future.

10:36pm Update we found a solution…

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