Trashy Subject

Sorry for my lack of posts lately. My charger is broke for my laptop so I have to wait for my hubby to get home for me to use his. Have had a little withdrawls from not being able to look up information whenever I want to but getting through it alright.

Since we live near a trailer park we have lots of trash blow in. I am constantly picking up trash that blew out of their dumpster and into our fields. Today I spent a lot of time picking up trash and gathering up items for Freecycle. I was able to Freecycle (yes, its a verb) a small animal cage, a dog crate without a door, a child’s plastic gas pump, a child’s kitchen set, a dog house and a lot of garden edging. And all of it got picked up!

I plan on eventually planting evergreen trees on the fenceline so hopefully it will block the view of the trailerpark and block most of the trash from blowing in. But who knows the trees might catch the trash instead.

Oh and in other news. I am adopting two rabbits tomorrow! I will let you know more info when I pick them up tomorrow morning.

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