Weekend Jan 23

Still a little wind burned from yesterday but today we were at it again. But first the pig had to be dealt with. She messed with her leaky water nipple more and soon it flooded the low parts to her pen. Luckily Scott had a bag of shavings on hand to soak up most the water. And here is what happened when his back was turned.


The plastic bag was close to the fence and she grabbed and pulled it through. She then started running around and squealing. Scott got into the pen and chased her around. (man, I wish that picture came out) Felt kinda bad taking her fun away but didn’t want her to hurt herself.


My four year old son came out to help dad. Suprisingly he did a great job! He was able to get a bunch of boards cut out while I ran to the store to get another screwdriver bit. Then we put the bottom frame together and installed two upright corners and one top rail. Going to pray the donkeys or goats do not mess with it before he is able to get  to it again. Hopefully, he will get home before dark tomorrow to work on it again.


I was sitting in a chair waiting till I needed to help Scott out more and I suddenly felt some blowing in my ear. I quickly turned around to see Fudge our baby donkey. I gave him a snuggle and took a picture of us together.

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