This Weekend… Jan 22

Today Saturday I have cleaned what used to be a rabbit cage but will now be a chick brooder. I am getting everything ready for our little guys ahead of time. I did find out my water base cracked so it would leak and possibly get the chicks wet and chilled (which could kill them quickly). So now I know I have to buy a new waterer and maybe a new feeder since I haven’t located it yet. I also need another heat lamp since the pig is still using the one we have. We have set up the cage on the front porch. It’s a 3X3 cage so I will make a cardboard circle in the center to keep them from chilling in the corners the first couple days.


2:00 pm   Scott is at the hardware store currently picking up a few pounds of screws to start on my greenhouse. I am so excited I can’t stand it. If I knew how to frame a building I would have been outside doing it already! I also am trying to get my daughter to work on pulling weeds on the “onion bed” and honestly its been slow going so we might be late getting our onions started.

6:30 pm We just came back inside since its dark and we can’t do anymore. We bought a bunch of lumber a few weeks back from someone that was moving so we had to sort through the pile and put like sizes together to ready for the build. The greenhouse will be 10X12 and 6 ft tall sides with an 8 ft center. Scott then cut the first four boards to frame the base. We stopped there and will work on it more after church tomorrow. We are going to have to eventually put up a fence to keep the goats from accidentally getting into the greenhouse. Until then lets just hope the donkeys don’t scratch their hind ends on it before it is braced up strong!


Scott making due without sawhorses


Scott & Samuel moving boards

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