Around the farm update

Well last night after dark we waited until after the time the chickens would roost. They all went back in the chicken pen through the small opening except Ranger the tom turkey. I don’t think he thought he’d fit. So my daughter easily scooped up the sleepy Ranger and put him in the chicken pen. Wow, I slept so much better knowing they were safe. Too many dogs about to let them safely free range sadly.

We were not able to take the pig to the butchers early yesterday morning after all. Hubby had to be at work real early so he had to put it off until Feb 15. So piggy got a reprieve until then. I went and bought her another bag of the apple flavored deer corn she loves. She is one happy piggy now. She did do something to her waterer so its leaking pretty good. I turned it off at night since its been freezing weather and turn it back on during the day when its above freezing the past two days. I don’t think she has even noticed or she would have been throwing one of her hissy fits. Yes pigs can throw hissy fits. She’ll just grab her feeder and smack it against the metal barn wall over and over again until someone comes out to see what is wrong. Yeah she is that smart to train us humans. I will be glad hubby will be home tonight after being gone a few days so he can fix her waterer. I don’t go in the hog pen. She steals my shoes.

Also it will be great for hubby to be back home so he can take over the feeding of  the goats. They really have been rough on my daughter and I lately when we try to feed. Its just a few that try to trip us or trick us into giving up walking to the feed troughs and instead drop the feed bucket. My daughter usually gives up and does this so they try this trick on me too. But yesterday when I was feeding Bluebonnet my Lamancha doe jumped up on her hind legs reaching for the feed bucket I was holding up high and instead kicked me in  the jaw with her hoof! I slapped her hard letting her know that was NOT okay. I finally got to the feed troughs next to  their metal barn exhausted from pushing against them with my legs and holding the heavy bucket high. As I walked back from their barn to the house I started to have an asthma attack. I hadn’t had one in years. It was real scary especially since I don’t have a inhaler on hand anymore. I safely got to the house and did as best as I could to get my breathing back to normal. Chest is still sore the day after but wow was that a scary ordeal. Going to have to make a call into the doctors office in case it happens again.

I am actually looking forward to the high 50’s the next two days bring in temperature changes. I need to set up the brooder cage for the chicks that will be arriving on the 9th and want to make sure I have everything bleached and ready. I also need to make sure the waterers don’t leak and I might have to buy another heat lamp since the piggy will still be using hers when they arrive.  Oh yes, and to get a bag of starter feed for the chicks. I waited until the day they came last time and got stuck with all the stores being out so I had to grind up lay pellets as a temporary fix until I could locate some the next day.

I honestly haven’t gotten much done today. Feeling kinda puny. Gonna take some vitamins and try to tackle some house cleaning since hopefully we will be doing so much work outside this weekend to do housework.

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