Rough day

I make it a habit to not talk too much about my kids on here but for those who are wondering I do have three kids ages 15, 7, and 4. Two are disabled so at times I have to be gone from the farm all day to go to specialist appointments in the metroplex. Something always seems to happen when we are gone and such did yesterday. I assumed the pig would get out or something but no. We arrived home to find all the chickens and turkeys out of their run and their chicken house door wide open. Most of the goats were inside finishing off their feed in their poultry bulk feeder.  I was just so exhausted we went inside and took a nap after the long drive.

A strong cold front came in overnight so this morning I tried to lure the chickens back in through a smaller opening so they could go in but the goats couldn’t. Most the chickens went in but the turkeys did not. So I decided to wait to shut the opening. This early afternoon I looked outside to see all the chickens back out again. Sigh. Its supposed to be freezing weather tonight and still I am trying to figure out how to get them back in. I am going to pray they ALL go in the opening to roost tonight. My husband has been out of town two days and I wish he was here cause he has an awesome gift of getting them back in again.

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