January 2011

January 10, 2011

We got quite a bit of rain a few days ago and little yesterday. It froze overnight. All animals are doing well. The hog (Ivory) did get out today. Seems the neighbors had been aware she was out for a few hours running around in the pasture but no one took it upon theirselves to let us know. They did however help us get her back in. We fed her some goat feed since my husband accidentally took the hog feed to work with him in the back of his car. We keep checking on her because we are told once they know how to get out she will try it again. My husband will fix it hopefully where she cannot try it again. I really hope she didn’t burn off all fat we are trying to put on her before she goes to be butchered Jan 20.

I am gonna talk to Scott about butchering Tick and Tac two of last years wethers. They should be a year old anyday now. I don’t see them getting much bigger. We also need to take Boy Howdy (last years wether lamb) and Boo Boo a boar goat to the butchers. My husband doesn’t want to butcher them since they are so large and he wants a lot of sausage made from them and we do not have the supplies to do that.

I also am starting to get my garden catalogs in the mail. I really think I will grown buckwheat as a green manure in the garden this year. I also wanted to try growing some mangel beets to see how they do and use them as animal feed.

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